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Direct Connect for Quicken and QuickBooks now available!

March 15, 2023

What is it - Direct Connect allows user of Online Banking to automatically import their account transactions into Quicken or QuickBooks.

Where is it - It is built directly into Online banking. All customers have access to it, no need to enable or turn anything on. 

How do customers get it - Inside Quicken and QuickBooks they follow the directions to set up a new account to import transactions by selecting Altamaha Bank & Trust in the institution lookup. 

What does it cost - It is FREE for all users, no additional charge from us. *Quicken and QuickBooks may charge a fee for use of the service, customers should contact their vendor for additional information. 

Who can I call for more information - If customers have issues, they should contact support for the specific application they are using; Quicken or QuickBooks. 

Direct Connect information for customers:

  • Direct Connect refers to two-way connectivity between your financial institution's Online banking and Quicken or QuickBooks.
  • Direct Connect uses the OFX protocol to allow your customers to access their account information, pay bills, transfer money and send other instructions to your institution from within Quicken or QuickBooks.
  • Downloaded transactions are automatically matched with existing instructions and new ones are entered into the register.
  • Previously downloaded transactions are filtered out, so duplicates are not created.
  • Direct Connect features One-Step Update, the fastest, easiest way for customers to connect with your financial institution.

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