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Your Debit Card Control Center.

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Tracking and controlling all aspects of your cards in real-time is not only convenient, it’s smart. That’s why we’re pleased to provide cutting edge technology at no charge to our customers that keeps them in-the-know, and in control, 24/7.

What It Does

  • USE your ABT debit card right away as they’re safely tied to your Apple Pay® or Google Pay™ account.
  • UNDERSTAND your spending history sooner with recognizable merchant and transaction information, spend metrics, and subscription / card-on-file payment management.
  • MANAGE your card usage by setting simple controls based on location, merchant type, amount thresholds, and more.
  • ENGAGE in real time with notifications and alerts to keep you on your path. Staying informed and setting limits makes you better able to stop fraud before it ever starts.

How It Works

Simply download our free ABT Card App onto your smartphone using the buttons near the bottom of this page. If preferred, they can be downloaded directly from the Apple App Store (for an iPhone), or Google Play™ App store (for an Android device) as well.

Utilizing Apple Pay or Google Pay, you’ll follow the app’s guidance to add your Altamaha Mastercard® debit card as your default payment source for that virtual pay account.  Your Apple Pay® or Google Pay™ account, under the watchful eye of our ABT Card App, will begin tracking and providing card use control right away.

Additional Features

  • Mobile wallet integration: Add cards to a mobile wallet like Apple Pay and Google Pay with ease.
  • Transaction clarity: See enriched transaction and merchant information – clean name, address, map, logo, contact, hours – no more cryptic, confusing, or incomplete descriptions.
  • Safety controls: Be safe, feel safe – turn a card on or off, limit the geographic area where a card will work, control ATM and online transactions, set limits, get instant notifications of purchases, etc.
  • Spend insights: Help customers spend smarter by showing spend trends, manage card-on-file and recurring merchants, and monitor credit wellness and spending health.
  • Coming Soon:
    • Immediate card issuance: Apply for a card within the app and receive a digital card immediately.
    • Self-Service at fingertips: Get to critical card operations instantly – report lost, set travel, initiate dispute, etc.


Download the app today!

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